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ACA Literature From Your Meetings

ACA literature can be purchased from most of the live meeting in the Portland area. Each
meeting can purchase from the Intergroup Literature person at or near the WSO prices.
Purchasing these books for your meeting will save on transportation for our members.
Effective September 1, 2022, the price of the literature from the Intergroup Literature is as

Big Red Book (hardcover) $20.00
12-Step Study Book (spiral bound) $14.00
Loving Parent Guidebook (spiral Bound) $14.00
Strengthening My Recovery (softcover pocket) $12.00
Laundry Lists Workbook $14.00

Addition to the literature, the Intergroup Literature person has coins for purchase.
Welcome coins $1.00 each
6-Meeting milestone $1.00 each
1-, 2-, 3-, 6- & 9-month coins $1.00 each
Years 1- 10 medallions $2.00 each
Years 11 and up $2.00 each

If you use the Breaking the Bond, little blue book, for newcomers, they are available for $1.00 each.


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Los Angeles ACA Website:

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c. Free ACA Literature:

Literature from ACA WSO

(partial updated price list below)

The ACA Big Red Book Fellowship text ($15), yellow Twelve Steps of ACA Workbook($10), Laundry List Workbook ($12), and ACA Daily Meditation Reader: Strengthening My Recovery ($10) are all available online here at ACA World Service Organization website. Shipping will be added to the cost at the end of your purchase. Many books can also be found on other sites such as The Serenity Shop is a local business which sells most of these texts as well at a higher price to cover their retail costs. They are located at 3212 SE Division St in Portland.

ACA Big Red Book and the yellow step workbook are also available for purchase at the Alano Club. They are priced at $15 each at the Alano Club. The additional cost for the yellow book is to cover costs for storing and distributing books at the club.

ACA Red Book Audio Version also available at the WSO site.

The Comline is the ACA quarterly magazine which is published online. The October 2015 issue is out and can be read on the WSO site.

There is an article in in it by Omer G about the origin of ACA. Omer G was the chief editor of the Big Red Book and sythesized information gathered by the old Los Angeles /San Fernando ACA intergroup.

Updated Price List:

Price List
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