Ballots for Annual Business Conference

Dear ACA Group,

Through November 15, 2014 each meeting and Intergroup had the opportunity to submit proposals for consideration at the 2015 Annual Business Conference (ABC); 14 proposals were received. It is now time for the Ballot process.

For the first time the Ballot has been translated from English into Russian. Copies of the proposals in both languages are available on the website. Look for either the section that says 2015 Annual Business Conference or click on the Repository and find the 2015 ABC.

After you download the one that’s right for your group, please discuss the proposals to gain a group consensus on each one.

Your group is being asked if they agree or disagree with each proposal. They may also abstain from voting on any particular items. When that is done, you can access and complete the appropriate Ballot for your language using the information below. There will also be room for optional comments if you choose to add them, based on the group’s discussion.

Your completed Ballot will help determine the agenda of the 2015 ABC. The proposals that receive a two-thirds majority vote of agreement by all of the groups that vote will then be included on the agenda for discussion at the ABC.

You will have until March 22, 2015 to submit your group’s ballot.

The following are the instructions for the Ballot:

1. Choose your language and copy and paste the link on your computer:

a. English:

b. Russian:

2. Fill in the Ballot per the instructions indicated.

3. You have received the ballot earlier than last year, so the due date is earlier. This will give those who put the Delegate packets together more time to prepare.

The 2015 ABC will be held April 24-26, 2015 in Austin, Texas. Registration information for the ABC will be available soon.

If you have any questions about the Ballot process, please send a reply to this email.

Yours in Service,

The 2015 ABC Committee

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