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Please submit your ACA shares by February 28th for Quarter 2 for the ComLine—that is only four days away!!
Whether you are a newcomer or old timer, please share your thoughts and wisdom regarding your experience, strength and hope. The focus of this issue is on Steps and Traditions 4, 5 and 6. However, if you have a burning desire to share your latest “a ha” moment, please write it down and send it in. If you are worried about the editing, just do your best; our editors love assisting you with the written word.
If you don’t know what to write about, how about one of these topic ideas? “Overcoming my Fear of Step 4 and 5”, “My First Time Through Step 5 with a Sponsor”, ”How I Found my Sponsor”, “How I Work Step 6”, “The Power of Powerlessness”, “Helping a Fellow Traveler”, “Taking the Road Less Traveled”, “Stepping into the 12 Steps”, “My Life Today”, “Thanks ACA, for Giving Me Back my Life”, “The Joy of Today”, “Thoughts to the Newcomer”, “Why I Keep Coming Back”, “Global Thoughts to Share”, “The Power of Letting Go”, “What I Learned from the Serenity Prayer”, “Sick and Tired of Being Sick and Tired”, “The Benefit of Change”, “Why I Love ACA”, “Why I Love my Meeting”, “Why I Show Up at Meetings”, “Do I Need to go to a Meeting”, “Turning It Over”, “My Relationships: Before and After”, “The Power of Integrating Tradition 6 into my Family”, and the list goes on and on. You can find ComLine examples and the required release form at
The word limit on shares can be short; from 250-, to 350- to 600 words. We’d love to see your poetry and artwork, too. Please send your share to, along with the attached release form. Thank you so much for all you do and for being part of the incredible ACA family. We still don’t have an international share in English and your native language.
Don’t miss out on attending the ABC and AWC in San Diego, CA on April 20-23. If you haven’t attended an ABC/AWC before, please don’t miss out by getting registered right away. It will be happening at the Handlery Hotel—don’t forget to mention ACA for the hotel discount with your reservations! There are still rooms available, but they are limited and going fast! Enjoy some “real time” with your ACA family and see “how the ABC works”. Also, even if your group belongs to an Intergroup who is sending a delegate, your group should still elect a Delegate to go to the ABC and represent your group.

There are 16 ballot issues for each ACA group and Intergroup to vote on, which are found here. Once your group conscience vote has been taken you submit your results to Survey Monkey here. If the yes votes for a ballot issue are 66-2/3% or greater of the total votes submitted, that ballot issue will be addressed at the ABC in April. There is a lot to read, so please don’t delay.
A Grateful ACA member,
Mardi M

ACA ComLine Editor
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