New Service Position Opening

The ACA Oregon website is run by a couple of members who offer it as a service position. The time has come to pass the torch! The current webmaster will be handing over the site to the next webmaster around September 2016. We are currently opening the doors to any ACA member with 6 months or more of program attendance to step into this service role.

What is great about this service position? So many things! Here are a few that the current webmaster has gained in the last two years:

Learning how to operate a site (turns out it is easy to learn…even by someone with no previous website or computer background)

Getting to know about all of the upcoming events

Practicing setting healthy personal limits and boundaries

Getting the chance to contribute to the ACA fellowship

Practicing “business” with people who are working their recovery, where recovery is the expectation and connecting force between all doing service “work” together

The current webmaster is very happy to serve as a “go to” for questions, and to be a resource for hands-on training.

Interested in learning more? Send an email to Can’t wait to hear from you!

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