Pig N Ford Races Next Weekend

This is a personal invitation to step out of isolation!
Next Saturday, August 8th, a few ACA members will be at the Tillamook County fairgrounds to watch the pig and ford races! The championship race begins at 5:30pm.
Grab some friends yourself, maybe talk your step group into an outing. Bring safe people or just join safe people in practicing recovery by being social with friends. If someone wants to be the point person here in Portland to commute together, please contact James at 503-819-9302. Call or text James on Saturday to meet up and join the group.
Pig-N-Ford Races

The PIG-N-FORD RACES are world famous and have been part of the Tillamook County Fair for the past ninety years. This event always fills the Averill Arena to capacity. There will be two races Wednesday, Thursday, Friday and Saturday, starting at 5:30 p.m. Winners of these races will compete in the World Championship Finals on Saturday immediately following the two qualifying races.

Be sure to get your seat in the grandstands early to enjoy these crowd-pleasing and exciting races. Tillamook’s own PIG-N-FORD RACES have been featured on Good Morning America, KATU’s “Spirit of the Northwest”, National Geographic, the Internet, Comedy Central and the Travel Channel’s “Edge of America”. They are an integral part of the Tillamook County Fair. 


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