Rose Festival Fireworks May 27

Celebrate Rose city style!
What is fellowship? 
It’s simple really, it’s hanging out with us!
You have stepped out of isolation and begun your journey… You’ve made it into the rooms and maybe even signed up for this email!
Here’s an opportunity to deepen your recovery, come out Friday night May 27th and watch the FIREWORKS with us🎉🎉🎉🎉🎉!!!!!
Step Group challenge! Are you in the step group? How many of your people can you bring to this event?
We will meet right around here:

We will be on the east side of the river(Mount Hood side) between the Hawthorne and Morrison Bridge on the walkway that’s called the east bank esplanade. I’ll be getting there about 7:30 PM so I get a good spot(my self care), you would be wise to join me then and get yourself a good spot too! Bring a radio and we can listen to the simulcast! More information is in the link below. This is the fourth year we’ve done this and I expect to see our biggest crowd ever! 
Feel free to call or text me if you get lost, I’ve noticed it’s hard to get calls through down there with a lot of people around jamming up the cell towers, so bring your patience and your open eyes! Please announce this in your meeting!
James – 503–819–9302

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