Sharing Your Wisdom through Affirmations

To you – wise, recovering adult child. Yes, YOU are the wise one I’m talking about – with your gift of how you are working through old beliefs into new ones that hold you in gentleness, humor, love, and respect. We have a wonderful affirmations page on our site with contributions from a couple of ACA members. What are your affirmations? What are the things you most wanted to hear growing up? What does your Inner Child need to hear that your Inner Loving Parent can now offer? 

We so often think we are alone/think that our story is “different” – THIS is part of being an ACA. To share your struggle and your tools for growth, this is service in ACA. Please send any of your favorite affirmations (as many as you’d like!) to or comment below. They will be continually added to the Affirmations page. 

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