Want to Get Involved in Service? Intergroup wants you as the Recording Secretary

Wait…what’s Intergroup?? Intergroup is comprised of representatives from each local ACA group, and is a body which votes on things like: group events, distribution of ACA literature, outreach to the community, etc. We currently have a need for a Recording Secretary for the Portland ACA Intergroup. The group meets the first Monday of each month from 5:30pm to 7:00pm at the Alano Club downstairs in the small room near the restrooms. 

Here are the basics of this one-year position: 

1. Create notes from the meeting: list members present, list agenda items covered, and list motions brought up and how they were resolved.

2. Type and email your notes to the ACA Intergroup email list within 10 days of the Intergroup meeting. (usually ends up about 1 typed page).


3. Appreciate yourself for the service you provide which keeps us a healthy and functional recovery community.



Why get involved? There are many reasons – the most important being the one that speaks to you.

-Often, getting involved in service work can keep you accountable to returning to becoming your own Loving Parent by attending meetings regularly. Because, many of us forget. Recovery fades on the priority list. We forget how much better we feel when we come to meetings and take care of ourselves.

-Because YOU, yes you are what makes this program happen. YOU are important to the health of our local ACA by showing up to meetings, sharing at meetings, chairing a meeting, contributing to an event, or getting involved with Intergroup. Getting involved in service work can often give us the safe opportunity to allow ourselves to belong. 

-Intergroup can be a place for the “real world” practice of the healing we are learning through the program. It is a space where the business of ACA happens amongst human beings. We get to be in a business-like setting where we open and close the meeting with the Serenity Prayer, where we trust our Higher Power to guide us through challenges and successes. Talk about practice for allowing recovery into all aspects of our lives!

You are welcome to visit Intergroup anytime to sign up and contribute or simply to get a better understanding of what happens there each month. We are happy to have you! Again, Intergroup meets the first Monday of each month from 5:30-7:00pm downstairs at the Alano Club. 


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