Addiction to Excitement!

Addiction to Excitement / Inner Drug Store 101
As presented by Deb K & Saska R

In April 2017, ACA Portland Intergroup sent Deb K. and Saska R. to the ACA WSO International Convention.
There they gave their workshop on Addiction to Excitement & the Inner Drug Store. Many of us had the opportunity to experience it here, at the Alano Club of Portland, where they treated us all to a trial run of the workshop.
It was a very powerful experience!

Listen to the live audio recording on the Recordings Page or read the PDF, which was also kindly provided.

A big thank you to Deb K & Saska R for sharing this deepening work!

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  1. How exciting, but hopefully not too much so 😉 , to bring this work to a wider audience. Thank you both for your service.

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