Hazelden Recovery Speaker Series Now in Portland AND Beaverton

The monthly recovery speaker series held by Hazelden has added a second offering in Beaverton. The same talks will be held at each location. Please sign up on Hazelden’s site for these FREE events. All events are general 12-step recovery, and not ACA-specific. ACA does not have any affiliation with Hazelden.

May 5 – Portland
May 21 – Beaverton
Jeffery T. Young, MD, Associate Medical Director, Hazelden in Springbrook
Stress and What We Can Do About It
This discussion will be an opportunity to learn how stress, though a normal and common experience, can also become a problem when it is repetitive and causes burnout or health problems. We will review the various causes of stress and the potentially unhealthy changes that may take place in our mind-body as we respond to stress. The good news is that we have an opportunity to work on becoming resilient and there are a variety of scientifically proven strategies that can help. We will practice a mindfulness exercise to give each person a chance to experience some stress relief.

June 2 – Portland
June 18 – Beaverton
Laura Moss (Ferguson), MD, Medical Director/Addiction Psychiatrist, Hazelden in Springbrook
Medication Use that Supports Recovery
The Big Book tells us that medical or mental health issues are better discussed with one’s physician. Not all physicians understand the risk that certain medications can pose to people in recovery. How do we talk to our doctors and advocate for ourselves for safer medications in recovery? As a physician, what are things that I can do to support my patients in recovery and decrease the risk of relapse?

July 7 – Portland
July 16 – Beaverton
Michael Irvine, Postdoctoral Resident, Hazelden in Springbrook
Impulsivity, Inattention, Disorganization, and Recovery–Tools that Can Help
Michael Irvine will discuss how the symptoms of impulsivity, inattention, and disorganization can adversely affect an individual’s recovery and inhibit change. This presentation will focus on recognizing these symptoms as well as discussing useful tools and skills found to promote a healthy recovery in spite of them. The presentation will also offer solutions for those with a dual diagnosis of attention-deficit hyperactivity disorder and chemical dependency.

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