Hazelden Speaker Series

Mark your calendars and join us every first Tuesday of the month at 7:00 p.m in Portland at 
Laurelhurst Village

3060 SE Stark St.

Portland, OR 97214
The same talk will be held every third Tuesday at 7:00 p.m. In Beaverton at

1500 NW Bethany Blvd. #240

Beaverton, OR 97006
The Portland Recovery Speaker Series is free of charge and open to all who are interested in recovery topics. All events are general 12-step recovery, and not ACA-specific. ACA does not have any affiliation with Hazelden.

The Recovery Speaker Series is free of charge. Please register online.

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Sep 1 – Portland  

Sep 17 – Beaverton  

Bob Ross, LCSW, Wellness Specialist, Hazelden in Springbrook

Lifestyle Balance in Recovery

Maintaining balance between competing life priorities is essential to wellness and recovery. This will be an interactive group in which participants will use the Recovery Lifestyle Wheel to assess personal satisfaction in 8 common areas of our lifestyles. We will reflect on how life balance has changed in recovery. We will also assess the areas that we are most satisfied with, and one area that we would most like to improve. Participants will identify small, realistic action steps they can take when ready to move towards their desired outcomes.
Oct 6 – Portland  

Oct 15 – Beaverton

Jen Stratton, CADC I, LPC Intern, Senior Addiction Specialist, Hazelden in Springbrook

Mindful Self Compassion

The suffering caused by addiction begs for new ways of relating to self and others; one that recognizes difficulty as it arises, enables motivation through compassion rather than harshness and criticism and intervenes on old behaviors which may no longer be serving personal goals for well-being or sobriety. Mindful self-compassion has been shown to greatly enhance emotional wellbeing, boost experiences of contentment and joy, reduce anxiety and depression and increase healthy coping in the face of stress or struggle. This short talk will introduce you to the concepts of Mindful Self Compassion and provide an opportunity to practice first-hand.  
Nov 3 – Portland

Nov 19 – Beaverton

Lynn Emmons, RN, MSW, CWSA, QMHP, CADCI, Addictions Counselor at Hazelden in Springbrook

Managing Acute Pain for Recovering Persons

From root canals to surgeries to broken bones, there will likely be times in one’s life when pain medications will be necessary. For a person in recovery, this can be a risky situation yet everyone deserves effective pain management. In the name of protecting one’s recovery, having some ideas of how to manage pain and maintain recovery is prudent planning; this talk will go over ideas for how to do this. The focus will be on acute pain as chronic pain is a whole other conversation.

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