Healthy, Self-Supporting Intergroup

Hello ACA groups! The local Portland ACA Intergroup is requesting donations from your group. If you have funds in excess or would like to pass an extra basket with your normal 7th Tradition, please consider donating to the Intergroup. Funds help to pay for ACA events, such as Speaker/Panel Discussions, Holiday Celebrations, and the ability to purchase books from
the Alano Club. Your support from your local groups is what keeps us healthy and self-supporting. If you would like to donate (personally or from your group), please notify your ACA group representative or send an email to

2 thoughts on “Healthy, Self-Supporting Intergroup”

    1. Hi Laura, this is just an easy way for folks in Portland to buy the books while they’re already at the Alano Club for a meeting. Anyone can absolutely buy them wherever is most convenient for them, including ACA directly.

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