Portland Retreat Update:

Hello Oregon Intergroup (and all ACAs everywhere!)

By Group Conscience:
The Portland Retreat Committee has voted to move the October 2021 retreat to the weekend of May 19th, 2022.


This was a difficult decision to make. So many of us are feeling the effects of extended social isolation.

The annual workshop is a weekend that many of us look forward to and cherish as safe space for fellowship and deep exploration of the workshop topics. However, the unpredictability of fall weather and the continuing pandemic make it increasingly unlikely to be able to hold a large gathering indoors, especially considering that attendees will be bunking, eating, and sharing bathrooms together.

The committee has discussed having a one-day outdoor gathering in the early fall. We are looking for ACA members to help brainstorm this gathering, from where it could be held, to what kind of activities we would offer, to what date would be best to host it. The date for an upcoming meeting is TBA.

The more members we have to plan, the greater group conscience we have. If you are willing to help plan, email us to make sure you’re on the ACA retreat meeting list to take part in this discussion and planning.
You can also email acaportlandretreat@gmail.com with questions.
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