Starting A Recovery Plan

A recovery Plan is a plan for getting better, not just hoping it will happen. It is something you can measure your progress against or fall back on when you feel stuck. Are you following your plan? Do you need to tweak it? Is it realistic?

However you decide to design a recovery plan, remember, it is not something to beat yourself up about for not following it exactly. It is to be used as a reminder of where you are striving to go. Check it at least once a week and see if you have been following it. If not, make a note on areas you need to concentrate. The idea of a recovery plan is to set a path of recovery so you can achieve it faster. It is being pro-active in that you are not waiting for the Recovery Fairy to tap you on the head with a wand and say “You are Cured.”

Below is an example of a Recovery Plan. The column on the right deals with current recovery issues you may want to concentrate on. As you go along, you may remove some and add others.  The What and When columns are things you strive to do on a daily or weekly basis to be asurred you are working the program.

For More on Recovery Plans, check out Stage II Recovery, Life Beyond Addiction by Ernie Larsen.

Recovery Plan

What:                                                            When                                                Recovery Issue

Meet with Sponsor/Fellow Traveler             Once a Week                              My Feelings/Grief

Join a Step Group and Work Steps               Twice a Month


Meditation by Nun Sue                                     1 times a Week          Find Balance/ No Shoulds

Adult Children/What’s Normal                       Once a Week

The ACA Fellowship Text                                 Nightly                  Work on Being Disciplined

Read for Pleasure                                                Twice a Week

Meetings                                                        Four Times A Week                             Positive Action

ACA                                                                      Monday 7-8/ or Sat Meet

ACA                                                                      Wednesday 6:30-8                 Practice Affirmations

ACOA                                                                   Thursday 6:00-7:30 / or

Alanon                                                                  Friday 7:30-9:00                      Pray for Awareness

Spiritual                                                                   Daily ___________ 

Meditate                                                             5 times a week                Work Steps 1,2,3

Grattitudes/Prayer                                                         Nightly

Something for Me/Play                                                 Twice a Week

Date with wife                                                                  Once A Week

My Hobby                                                                         Twice A Week

Physical  Activities to Fight Depression or Get In Shape  

Diet/ Drink More Water                                                Daily

Exercise/ Walking                                                           Three times a Week

Journal                                                                         At Least Twice A Week

About Issues That puzzle me

With My Inner child

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  1. Hi Don, would you please make the printable meeting list/problem & solution sheet available online. Thanks for all you do, Ruth

    1. It was hiding under Active Meetings. Some links have sub categories and this was one of them. I Moved the Oregon Meeting List and the other ACA documents to their own category: ACA Meeting Materials.

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